Uncomfortably numb … Artist: David Archer

archers arcadia

Local artist, David Archer exhibited at the SASA Gallery of the University of South Australia on its City West Campus under the banner of Archers Arcadia in March – April 2015.

Uncomfortably Numb, is a quirky insight into the mind of David Archer. A unique and intriguing combination of automata, kinetic sculptures, ceramics, woodwork, decoration, painting, explores both the weird and wonderful in an engaging, powerful yet humorous way. His work is inspired in the tradition of Victorian and Edwardian amusements from seaside piers, circuses or travelling carnivals. Archer’s work provides an escape into fantasy and bestows a humorous insight into the human condition.

Enter the gallery space and engage with his pieces, pull handles, wind cranks or push levers to bring these artworks to life. Dare to gaze into peepholes and be drawn into magical dioramas, experience the Mirror of Truth, or even have your fortune told by a fallen Angel! It is unlike any exhibition you have attended before.

This exhibition really shows you that art comes in many different shapes and forms. It is wonderfully interactive, takes you to a beautiful childhood like day dream and above all, its beautiful and genuine.




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