“Inspiration is a joke, real artists sit down and work” – Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan is fascinated by everyday materials like drinking straws, tooth picks, needle pins and fishing line, which she manipulates and turns into amazing sculptures. Donovan regards herself as a kind of scientist, investigating the potential of different materials, transforming and shaping them, making them transcend themselves and turning them into holistic compositions of their own. The element of light plays an significant role in Donovan’s artworks, as her materials take light in and reflect it different ways. “My sculptures become activated by the movement of the observer” Donovan says. Her works vary in size, depending on the surrounding architecture and the size of the room, they are shown in. She goes on to explain how the magic happens within the sculptures, underlining that her sculptures are artworks rather than critical comments. “I feel like my work is mimicking the ways of nature, not necessarily mimicking nature per ce,” Donovan states.

tara donovan 1 tara donovan 2 tara donovan 3    tara donovan 4 tara donovan 5    tara donovan 6 tara donovan 7




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